Curcupet-K9 for dogs

Curcupet-K9 trial pack

2 weeks supply TRIAL PACK of CURCUPET-K9
based on the weight of your dog.
Australian customers only
Limit of one trial pack per customer.

$10.00 per pack

Curcupet-K9 single pack

1 pack of 56 tablets

$49.95 per pack

Curcupet-K9 value pack

1 pack of 168 tablets

$115.00 per pack

SAVE $34.85


WeightExample BreedsDirections
Under 10 kg toy dog Pug, Dachshund 1 tablet every other day
11 - 20 kg small dog Jack Russell, Westie 1 tablet daily
21 - 40 kg medium dog Spaniel, Labrador 2 tablets daily
Over 41 kg large dog Newfoundland 1 tablet per 12 kg of weight daily

Not suitable for animals that are allergic to soy. Not suitable for puppies.