Curcupet-K9 single pack Single pack

Curcupet-K9 for Dogs single pack

Curcupet-K9 single pack

Single pack

1 pack of 56 tablets



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have been using this for a long time now and keeps both dogs active.


My cattle dog has gone from barely getting up walking with a limp to running thank you so much


My 14 year old dog has bad arthritis from the hips into the back legs & has been finding getting up onto her legs very difficult. I started her on Curcupet -K9 on the 13/05/21 & I can definitely see an improvement (6 weeks later), I checked with my vet yesterday & he was very happy to know that we have been able to get started on this product. Thankyou from Mollie & I (Pauline).


Peanut is a 6 year old Australian Bulldog cross Bordeaux. She had been used for breeding and was given to us almost 3 years ago. She has cruciate ligaments in both knees but because I am on the pension I am unable to afford the $5,000 needed to fix each knee. She had been on monthly injections and twice daily carforen ( I think that's what it was) She was extremely sore and limping to the extent that I thought that I was going to have her put down. She was also on Glucosamine twice daily. When I saw the add for Curcupet-k9 I thought that this was our last chance. I received the $10 special and started to give it to her. I had almost run out of the two weeks when I noticed how much better she was getting around. I had to wait with bated breath for my new order. She had to be without it for a couple of days. Now she has one tablet of Glucosamine and one tablet of circupet twice daily. I am now able to take her for walks around the park everyday. I have just ordered the large pack Never to be without circupet again. Thank you so much Sam for giving my girl a longer life.


Monty is 13yrs old part Frenchie ( no idea the other part) and like most of the dogs in these stories hasn't been able to get up on the bed and lost interest in his walk after about 10 mins. I got the trial pack of tablets and after a few days began to notice a difference. Keener to walk longer and further and not quite so hard to get up after laying down and back to playing with his ball. Still won't try to get up on the bed but maybe later after a full course of tablets. Am thrilled with results so far. Thank you


Ruby is 45kg mastiff x lab has a condition were her immune system is attacking her joints, she has been on lots of medication for this and she will only live untill the medication stops working or starts making her sick. i seen a advert on the morning show for a $10 trial pack i ordered them to give them a go not expecting much from them because of her condition after a few days she wanted to play again and she seems much happier and it seems she dosent struggle so much getting up. ive ordered a large pack. i have only been giving her 2 a day just to make sure it dosent effect the other medication but will up the dose to match her weight when the new pack arrives. thank you i wish i had started her on this earlier :)