Curcupet-K9 single pack Single pack

Curcupet-K9 for Dogs single pack

Curcupet-K9 single pack

Single pack

1 pack of 56 tablets



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Hi Sam Our 10 year old Lab X has arthritis in his hips. We have tried a few things with little improvement. Curcupet-K9 has so far given Oscar the best results. He hasn't been able to jump in the back of the car for 6 months but did last week after a month on Curcupet-K9. Thank you so much


Ebony our 14 year old standard poodle has had problems with her lower back and hips. She was on gabapentin and then even had cortisone injections into her back. After being on a Curcupet K9 for two weeks we already saw a big improvement in her walking, standing and general demeanour even eating better. She is no longer on gabapentin. Now even has a spring her step. Overall quite a remarkable change. We are in our 3rd month of using Curcupet. We have now recommended it to others.


Hi Sam very happy with the Curcupet K9 tablets for my dog Dixie its made a huge difference to her, Im ordering more today. My Dad Harry  ordered some last week for his dog too. Many thanks


Hi Sam 

As you can see by the repeat orders my Kelpie has really benefited from the tablets. 

I have recommended it to others who have placed orders with you.  

Mine seems to know it’s good for him the way he lines up for his dose each night or perhaps it’s the peanut butter which surrounds them! Either way it’s awinner. 




"Thanks Sam, it really helps with my boy.  He’s a staffy who is only 3 years old and chased a wallaby, fell over and hurt his leg, ever since then he limps afterwalks and laying down.  By giving him this at night he wakes up with no pain and enjoys life again.  Definitely no more wallaby chasing."


Hello. My dog Jerry is a kelpie with arthritis in all legs (he’s only 9 - both wrists, back knee and hips) He is doing really well on your product. I’ve taken him off the anti inflammatory and he is not limping at all! Thank you :)