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Many dog owners are excited about how Curcupet-K9 has helped their "Fur Family"

The benefits of Turmeric have been long known by humans but our best friends, our dogs have long suffered the same agonising, debilitating arthritis that we too experience. Now with an advanced formula specifically produced for dogs we are able to share our advancements with our best friends. Whether you have an older dog or a young and active pet, the properties of this clinically researched supplement can help to maintain healthy joints. Here are the stores of just a few four fur footed friends:

Annie 's story

ANNIE’S story

Star rating:

Hi Sam, I want to thank you for making available for dogs your wonderful curcupet K9 tablets, they have made a remarkable difference to my little 15yr old chiahuahua X ANNIE that’s why I’ve ordered more, and I will continue to do so, thanks again.

Coco's story

Happy Dog

Star rating:

Hi Sam.My 10 year old GSD Coco has been on this for 2 weeks and have had great results not only in her movement but in her inflammation - she is a much happier girl thanks to Curcupet.

Sheba's story


Star rating:

My German Shepherd cross suffering from arthritis It was either going to be needles every 2 weeks and then every 3 months and i decided to tried this product on her and have noticed a great difference, Sheba is much happier in herself playing, more talking more, and a much happier dog I would highly recommend this for any dog.

Trish's story

Great product - so glad I found it

Star rating:

I’ve been trying many different ways to manage my 8 year old red cattle dog’s pain and discomfort - thank you k9health I’ve finally found the best product. I’ve only been using the Expert Joint Care for dogs for a little over a week and can already see a marked improvement in his mobility and enjoyment of life.

Tammy's story

It works a treat.

Star rating:

Hi Sam

This is the second time I have ordered it. I did an experiment and put her on it and noticed a significant improvement in her ability to get up and down. I have waited to see her pain level without it and she is now back to not being able to get up very well. Whilst she was on it before she was able to climb stairs and get up and get up amd down. So it helps her significantly with her movements and her pain level and her ability to get up and down from laying position. It works a treat.

Kind regards


He Can Go Up The Stairs Better's story

He can go up the stairs better

Star rating:

My dog has been on Curcupet K9 now for 5 days and it’s the first time in ages he has jumped up on my leg to give me a kiss and he can go up the stairs better, he weighs 42kg so a big dog! I think they must be working have to see a bit more as time goes by!

Glen's story

You are certain to keep us as customers

Star rating:

My brother in law put his dog on them last Friday and I saw her yesterday moving so much better. I am putting my 11 year old on these. You are certain to keep us as customers. I have 3 dogs. Cheers.

Hannah's story

I have ordered more

Star rating:

Hannah is doing very well on your product. Much more active and alert. I've just ordered another.

Zara's story

She is a new dog

Star rating:

My golden retriever Zara had no energy, was cranky, took her to the vet blood tests revealed nothing, googled, came across k9health curcupet-k9. She is a new dog running around everywhere.

Zara's story

I am totally amazed

Star rating:

Zara my 8 year old Golden retrievers-was always tried, had to drag her for a walk, stopped jumping in back of my ute, I had to lift her in, took her to the vet blood tests revelled nothing, got on the internet googled symptoms and this product came up, Zara is a new dog within 2 days bounding around, I kid you not jumping in ute I am totally amazed.

Brandy's story

Wish it was available years ago

Star rating:

My dog Brandy has suffered some form of arthritis all of her 14 years, we have taken her to vets who put her on medication. She has always suffered pain in her leg and it was difficult for her to walk.


After reading about your product in the papers I decided to try your product called CURCUPET-K9, after 3 weeks or so we have noticed a vast improvement in her mobility, she still has some pain but she gets around and doesn’t favour her affected leg so much.


Thank you for your product, wish it was out years ago.

Jan's story

Nothing short of amazing

Star rating:

Hi Sam

Just have to tell you that my girl has been on the tablets for almost 2 weeks now and the difference in her is nothing short of amazing, can not believe how much of a change it has made for her, no more lameness, we are just amazed at what these Curcupet K9 tablets have done for her, can’t thank you enough.

Kind regards and many thanks Jan.

Amanda's story

Thinks he's 2 years old again

Star rating:

I ordered this online 2 weeks ago and within 3 days it was here. My furbaby has hip dysplasia and arthritis, he was really having trouble walking, very very stiff and sore. Third day of giving it to him, three times a day, he wants to run and carry on like a fruit loop thinks he's 2 years old again. I also top up the tumerick curcumin with half-1 tbsp day of my own homemade (golden paste/golden milk) turmeric paste/milk RECIPES ALOVER INTERNET. Tumerick is a godsend. The word Curcumin came from cure...

Annie's story

She's like a young girl again

Star rating:

Hello Sam, Annie my 15yr old chiahuahua x was such an active little girl when she was young but arthritis in her back legs and hips really slowed her down, she slept quite a lot and was very stiff getting up, I've been giving her glucosamine for a long time now which has helped a lot but since being on your tablets (1.1/2) weeks she's like a young girl again, even running, no sign of pain, Thankyou so much.

Gail's story

Great results for my 15 year old Goldie

Star rating:

I bought one month's supply of Curcupet-K9 initially and have been really happy with the results, so ordered more. My Golden Retriever is 15 years old and was suffering quite badly in his back legs and lower spine with arthritis. He has the injection from our Vet which helps a little, but I have found great results in just a few weeks of Curcupet. Highly recommended.

Barney's story

Curcupet is making a positive difference

Star rating:

Hello Sam, received and have been using the tablets with our 16yr Spoodle Barney.
He is also on meloxicam but the opinion of our family is that the curcupet is making a positive difference.
Been 3 weeks and he does seem more comfortable and happier on his walks. Thank you for suppling. Cheers, Janette

James's story

His demeanor and quality of life has changed dramatically

Star rating:

Thanks for the dog medication which arrived on time and I have to say what an affect it has had on our dog in such a short period of time. His demeanor and quality of life has changed dramatically to the extent of being unbelievable. All other medication that has been tried has been totally ineffective and of course the financial costs were extremely high so this new medication also in my opinion is cost effective.

Big Boy's story


Star rating:

My Big Boy has terrible arthritis and at 13.5 years with terrible back legs and hips he was struggling to get up a lot !!  I have him on other supplements but it got to the point that I started to give him pain killers every couple of days. I didn't want to do this as I am not a fan of pharmaceutical drugs for myself or my dogs and I knew that once I was on that path I had no where else to go! But then I found Curcupet K9 and after a few days I was able to take him off his 'drugs' and he is doing really well. Very happy with this product and so is Big Boy !

Nicki's story

Running round like a puppy

Star rating:

Even though it's only been a few days, he seems to be alot more mobile and his limp has lessened. Running round like a puppy.

Diana's story

I have my beautiful old dog back

Star rating:

Hello I ordered your Curcupet K9 pills. I wanted to say my dog who could not even walk up a step is now miraculously lifting his legs albeit gingerly (early days). At least I seem to have my beautiful old dog back in a healthy way! Thank you so much!

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CURCUPET-K9 has been developed in response to a trend where pet owners were taking it upon themselves to give their pets human purposed turmeric. Perhaps as a result of hearing about the research presented here.
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