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CURCUPET-K9 joint health supplement for dogs has been formulated exclusively for dogs and is available now in Australia, exclusively online from Below are some articles we have found in the media about the amazing new product for your pets.

Dogs across the UK given new lease of life with breakthrough supplement

Many dogs encounter joint problems as they get older, but now your best friend doesn't have to suffer in silence. Thanks to a breakthrough new supplement, dog lovers can now offer their pets the same level of care and relief as they would wish for themselves – and they are sharing their stories.

FutureYou, a Cambridge-based supplement company, created a scientifically proven curcumin product called Turmeric+, based on the Indian spice that is often used by people who have joint issues. Not long after launching Turmeric+, FutureYou started to receive interesting feedback on the product.

"A lot of our customers started telling us that they were also giving Turmeric+ to their pets after experiencing the benefits for themselves – horses, cats, even a parrot in one case. However, the most common pet people shared it with was their dog," says Adam Cleevely, FutureYou's CEO.

"Their feedback was so positive that we created a special formulation for dogs. We know that dogs in the UK are living longer and, just like their owners, they need help to deal with issues we all experience with age, including joint problems."

CurcuPet-K9 is the brand new supplement. As a version of the Turmeric+ formulation that has been adapted for pets, it is more easy to absorb than other turmeric supplements, and works in a natural way. It is now on the market, following very positive feedback from a trial involving the dogs of Turmeric+ customers.

Brian and Julie Cully, a couple from Scotland, gave the new Curcupet-K9 formulation to their Border Collie, Blue, after they both experienced good results from Turmeric+. "It is tremendous to see her now. You can see the relief in her face. She's like a different dog," says Brian. Blue has stopped limping on her right side and is more active in the house. Better still, she is now happy to play with the couple's two younger dogs.

Former vet Pooler Leeman, from Northern Ireland, experienced similar improvements with his Chocolate Labrador, Whiskey. After taking CurcuPet-K9 for only a week, he is keeping up with him during walks rather than lagging behind, as he was before. "Like most ten-year- old labs he has some joint problems. He is more bouncy after one week on tablets," says Pooler.

Mike Miller of Devon, who describes his experience with Turmeric+ as "amazing", gave the dog-friendly version to his 16-year-old Jack Russel cross, Paddy, for seven days. "In the last few months he has not been able to jump into the car or up a kerb," says Mike. "Now he's been able to get up over steps and is walking with a small spring in his step. Improved no end."

"There's no placebo effect with CurcuPet-K9," adds Cleevely. "When you give a supplement to your dog, you can tell if it is working based on their behaviour. We're absolutely thrilled that some of our customers are seeing such positive changes so quickly, and that we're helping these dogs to stay happy and active for years to come."

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"It is tremendous to see her now. You can see the relief in her face. She now wants to go out with the other two dogs. It’s all down to quality of life."

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