Curcupet-K9 value pack Pack of 168 tablets

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Curcupet-K9 value pack

Pack of 168 tablets

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I ordered the trial for my 8 year old German Shephard, who has been struggling to get up on my bed and couch, noticed she has been limping a bit and not the playful girl she used to be, with some skepticism. I half believed it to be just another average product and didn't expect to even be writing a review, however within a week she has started to have more energy and plays a lot more, not panting due to pain and doesn't need to use her doggy stairs to get on the couch or my bed. I will be making sure Emma is never without this product (she doesn't even run away when it's time to take it). I truly can not recommend this product enough. Thank You


I commence Buddy on the special introductory starter pack advertised on Channel 9, my beautiful "Budzy" as I call hm is 11 1/2 years old and is currently suffering with arthritis taking Loxicom and Neurontin (3 times daily), the Neurontin makes him sleepy. I was also giving him tumeric in his food. After 5 days on Curcupet K9 I notice a change in in his movement, being able to get up easier, being able to walk a little further, not as sleepy as I have been able to cut down his Neurontin tablets and the Loxicom now every 2nd night. Very happy with the product and cant wait to see further improvement as I continue his Curcupet K9. Thank you for your product. Robyn and Buddy


have been using this for a long time now and keeps both dogs active.


My cattle dog has gone from barely getting up walking with a limp to running thank you so much


My 14 year old dog has bad arthritis from the hips into the back legs & has been finding getting up onto her legs very difficult. I started her on Curcupet -K9 on the 13/05/21 & I can definitely see an improvement (6 weeks later), I checked with my vet yesterday & he was very happy to know that we have been able to get started on this product. Thankyou from Mollie & I (Pauline).


Peanut is a 6 year old Australian Bulldog cross Bordeaux. She had been used for breeding and was given to us almost 3 years ago. She has cruciate ligaments in both knees but because I am on the pension I am unable to afford the $5,000 needed to fix each knee. She had been on monthly injections and twice daily carforen ( I think that's what it was) She was extremely sore and limping to the extent that I thought that I was going to have her put down. She was also on Glucosamine twice daily. When I saw the add for Curcupet-k9 I thought that this was our last chance. I received the $10 special and started to give it to her. I had almost run out of the two weeks when I noticed how much better she was getting around. I had to wait with bated breath for my new order. She had to be without it for a couple of days. Now she has one tablet of Glucosamine and one tablet of circupet twice daily. I am now able to take her for walks around the park everyday. I have just ordered the large pack Never to be without circupet again. Thank you so much Sam for giving my girl a longer life.