Curcupet-K9 value pack Pack of 3

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Curcupet-K9 value pack

Pack of 3

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This product is the most effective, fastest acting arthritis assist in Dogworld!! I HIGHLY recommend this product if you want to see your dog regain his happiness and former level of activity. K-9 is far superior to all the other products I have used for Brueno, including internationally Manufactured products. The ordering is easy, delivery prompt and effectiveness amazing! We are happily amazed at the results after only 7 days on Curcupet K-9. Brueno is chasing his ball again and literally bright eyed and bushy tailed like he was a few years ago. K-9 will be a permanent addition to Brueno's day from now on. I'm also starting our younger Kelpie, JT and our young Jack Russell, Jax, on the product starting from my next order. Hopefully, the K-9 will be as wonderful a preventative as it is a remedy. Thank you K-9!!


Bronson is 10years old and had really started to suffer from arthritis in 3 legs. Some nights I would have to help him get up from laying down, he walked with a limp and a twist and never went much faster then a walk. Since taking this natural medication he has improved nearly 100% can get up much easier and will chase the ball again. I can see how much happier he is since I will be continuing the natural treatment


Hi Sam, just an update about my dog Inky aftertaking Curcupet K9.
Inky is a working Kelpie, she is 13 and a half and has been a Top Agility andObedience Dog as well as working Sheep.
She has been showing signs of Arthritis and has been treated with otherproducts BUT the results after using your product...Curcupet K9 for 1 week isunbelievable.
Inky can now sit which she hasn’t been able to do for quite a while.
Inky can put more weight on her back legs and seems to be more comfortable withher movements.
After 2 weeks Inky can go up and down a flight of 10 stairs without struggling.
Inky is a very happy active dog Again.
I am Glad I tried Curcupet K9
I will be ordering more in the future.


Firstly, thank you for the trial pack of Curcupet K9 which I received around two weeks from ordering. After a week of taking a daily dose my 11yr old Stafford who has been limping on both back legs for the past few months seems to have more strength in her back legs. Our vet thinks she has arthritis in her back legs after years of running full pelt and jumping around, changing direction whilst chasing toys. So while this type of activity has now ceased (not from her lack of trying to get one to throw something), she has been very hesitant to jump up onto our bed and not interested or comfortable playing with our other Stafford. Since taking the Curcupet K9 I have walked into the bedroom on 3 separate occasions and discovered her already on the bed and watched her play with our other dog like she used to do a few years ago. I have now just placed my first order for the 56 tablets and if she continues to improve and maintain this mobility I will keep her on it and take advantage of the 3 pack offer down the track.


Jeddah was having trouble with a supposed torn ligament but since taking the curcupet tablets she has no trouble jumping up onto our bed and walking or running, although no marathons but she is an eleven year old lady


Our 13 year old golden retriever was showing slight symptoms of arthritis. The vet gave her a course of injections which really helped plus medication to be given at our discretion. When I read about Curcupet-19 we thought we would give it a go so purchased the trial pack. We stopped giving her the medication from the vet and the Curcupet-19 seems to be better. She seems much more active and is obviously really happy. We would definitely recommend this to all owners of elderly dogs.