Curcupet-K9 value pack Pack of 3

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Curcupet-K9 value pack

Pack of 3

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We thought you’d like to see our Heidi who’ll be 16 in January. She’s been onCurcupet for just over a fortnight now. We noticed an improvement in her ability to get up after about 10 days and she is now enjoying her short walks with a spring on her step. Our friends in Sydney told us about it so we’ve now told other friends who now have their poodle Dino on it. We really appreciate how much more engaged and happier Heidi is. Thanks Carol


My poor little Maltese cross Albert limps a lot, no longer enjoys his walks or can jump up onto the couch or bed. He has taken his tablets now for four days and I can already see an improvement. I actually haven't seen him limp at all. It is really hard to watch your dog in pain and I feel that Curcupet has already helped him. I just crush the tablets into his food and he is none the wiser!


Hi Sam. Just wanted to give you an update on Macs. He’s been taking the tablets for some months now and we have definitely seen an improvement. He’s a Border Collie x and loves to ‘fetch’ anything you throw for him. If you let him, he’d do it 24/7. We had to nearly bring the fun to a complete stop as he was ending up lame after playing for short periods. We felt so sad for him. However, over the past couple of weeks we have been gradually increasing his play time and there has been no incidences of pain or discomfort.We are so pleased. It can only be attributed to the tablets. Just wanted to letyou know. Kind regards Petra


Elijah is 1 week into his trial and already we have noticed such an improvement to his mobility and overall general wellbeing. He is much more energetic and happy. We are using Curcupet in conjunction with some other suppliments and we really believe they are complimenting each other very well. Elijah has issues with his gut and Curcupet does not interfere at all and they are so easy to hide in his food. I am so glad we gave this a go and will continue to use this product. You have nothing to lose, it is a great product and extremely cost effective. Thank you for allowing Elijah to take part in the trial


Our nearly 15 year old Labrador has arthritis and is on various medications to help his joints and manage pain. We are always looking for natural ways to help him to enjoy life to the fullest, so when we read about Circupet-K9 on Facebook, we ordered the 2 week trial, a great way to test a new product. After adding Circupet-K9 to his evening feed 10 days ago, he has been more active, is happy to go for longer walks (still slowly but more eager), he loves his weekly warm water swims and overall he's showing some signs of his younger cheeky self (more tail wags). Also, there are less signs of joint stiffness, especially in the mornings. We are so happy with his 2 week trial, that we have just ordered 3 months supply.


Belle is 11 years old after 2 weeks on the tablets she is behaving like a dog half her age Thankyou