Curcupet-K9 multi pack of 3 Multi pack of 3

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Curcupet-K9 multi pack of 3

Multi pack of 3

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HappyNew Year!


Thankyou for your product!


Cody,our 13 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback cross

hasdisplayed a huge improvement since taking two tablets 

withhis meal each night.

Heis now able to get up from laying much more easily

andis even up to a trot when we take him to the dog park.


Alongwith his new girlfriend Indiana; our 18 month old Ridgeback, 

CurcuPET-K9has given our darling old man a new lease on life.

Ihave recommended your product to many people.







Hi Sam, I want to thank you for making available for dogs your wonderful curcupet K9 tablets, they have made a remarkable difference to my little 15yr old chiahuahua X ANNIE that’s why I’ve ordered more, and I will continue to do so, thanks again.


Hi Sam.My 10 year old GSD Coco has been on this for 2 weeks and have had great results not only in her movement but in her inflammation - she is a much happier girl thanks to Curcupet.


My German Shepherd cross suffering from arthritis It was either going to be needles every 2 weeks and then every 3 months and i decided to tried this product on her and have noticed a great difference, Sheba is much happier in herself playing, more talking more, and a much happier dog I would highly recommend this for any dog.


I’ve been trying many different ways to manage my 8 year old red cattle dog’s pain and discomfort - thank you k9health I’ve finally found the best product. I’ve only been using the Expert Joint Care for dogs for a little over a week and can already see a marked improvement in his mobility and enjoyment of life.


Hi Sam

This is the second time I have ordered it. I did an experiment and put her on it and noticed a significant improvement in her ability to get up and down. I have waited to see her pain level without it and she is now back to not being able to get up very well. Whilst she was on it before she was able to climb stairs and get up and get up amd down. So it helps her significantly with her movements and her pain level and her ability to get up and down from laying position. It works a treat.

Kind regards