Curcupet-K9 trial pack Trial pack

CURCUPET-K9 Trial Pack

Curcupet-K9 trial pack

Trial pack

2 weeks supply TRIAL PACK of CURCUPET-K9
based on the weight of your dog.
Australian customers only
Limit of one trial pack per customer.



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Wish this product had been around when I had my Pyrenees Mt dogs it was heartbreaking watching them struggle to get around even with medication from vet, I now have Jasper a 10 yr old staghound x malamute & I’m so glad I found your product it’s done absolute wonders thank you


Busta is a 13 year old, 44kg Bull Arab dog with a great attitude. Like his 78 year old, 100kg owner, he has become a bit arthritic over the years. But after the trial pack he seems to have shed about 9 -10 years and most of his joint stiffness. He leaping about like a young dog and obviously enjoying life to the full, even to the extent of now getting out of bed before the rest of the family in the morning and lining up for evening dinner well before the appointed time. Great to see - am so impressed have ordered some human grade turmeric for myself to see if I can share his rejuvenation. Can't recommend too highly.


My father and law was looking at putting Bruno down he is 15 year old kelpie and his best friend I didn’t want him to lose Bruno we put him and my 15 year old cat on it and they are both walking so much better then try was i urge anybody that has a dog or a cat with Arthritis to give this a go and thank you K9 for giving us more time with both of our best mates cheers


He is 11 years old less than 5kg with a bad knee, he is now full of energy and hardly sits down, no more bad knee. This supplement is FABULOUS, getting my husband and me onto the human ones now. Thank you.


Our 14 year old border collie x was suffering from arthritis in her back legs. She desperately loves to go for a morning walk but we’d get half way and her back legs would just collapse. We found the k9 health website and thought we’d give the curcupet-k9 a try. A few months on and she is a different dog. Full of energy and walks a couple of klms every day with no problems at all. Even other dog walkers have commented and can’t believe the difference.


My 14yo Moxy (maltese/foxy) was really having trouble with her bad right leg which had healed badly from a break 6 years before. We're having an unusually cold and wet winter (for Gold Coast dry season) and Tuppence had been subdued, fearful of the cat and only interested in walking down the long drive for her morning poo. Also, she had a lot of trouble getting onto my bed. Now, after just the trial pack of Circupet, she's standing up for herself against my cat and is eager and impatient to take off down the street after relieving herself. Also she's jumping up onto the bed again and going outside more instead of just curling up all day and . Amazing! She's got life in her again. Placing another order now.