Curcupet-K9 trial pack Trial pack

CURCUPET-K9 Trial Pack

Curcupet-K9 trial pack

Trial pack

2 weeks supply TRIAL PACK of CURCUPET-K9
based on the weight of your dog.
Australian customers only
Limit of one trial pack per customer.



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Lola tried the sample of Curcupet K9 for 2 weeks and after a few days we saw a dramatic change in her mobility before she couldn't climb any steps and was limping all of the time and now she is a different dog. I would like to thank you Sam for recommending Curupet K9.


Sally is a 9yo cattle dog x and very active but was starting to show signs of lameness in her rear leg. Many vet visits later and a diagnosis of possible arthritis I discovered Curcupet K9. I have taken Curcumin for years and Sally has certainly improved after 2 boxes. She is so much happier. I would certainly recommend


My dog Peanut has cruciate ligaments in both knees. As I am a pensioner I am unable to afford the operations. When I learnt of this I was horrified that I might have to have her put down. Then I learnt of Circupet online and decided to try it. That was almost two years ago. I have been giving Peanut Circupet and Glucosamine twice a day. It's been so wonderful to see that she is not in too much pain and hardly ever limps anymore. Thank you Circupet for giving Peanut a new lease on life.


Devin is a 10 year old lab. During the past couple of years I have noticed him laboring after a walk or a swim. The vet diagnosed arthritis as his major issue We started Devin on a 2 week trial of CURCUPET-K9. After 4 days it was very obvious the tablets were having a positive effect as he was no longer struggling to get up from a sleep position. After 10 days CURCUPET-K9 Devin is like a 6 year old lab. He plays with other dogs and can even jump unaided into the back of the, something he struggled with prior to CURCUPET-K9. I am very pleased with the results of CURCUPET-K9.


My dog is a Bull Arabx Ridgeback. He has had joint pain for the past year. The vet put him on loxicom daily which helped. Since starting curcupet 2 months ago he has dramatically improved. He is happier and more mobile. He is 11 and 6 months. I would recommend this


Abby is 13 years old and has seen better days. She has now been on these tablets for 3 months and is playing a little , moving better and actually ran from me the other day when i called her for a bath. So much difference. Abby is a Ridgeback/Great dane cross. A fairly large dog.