Curcupet-K9 trial pack Trial pack

CURCUPET-K9 Trial Pack

Curcupet-K9 trial pack

Trial pack

2 weeks supply TRIAL PACK of CURCUPET-K9
based on the weight of your dog.
Australian customers only
Limit of one trial pack per customer.



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I have a 13 year old Cavoodle, who had been struggling with stairs. He was not too keen on going for walks, always walking extremely slowly and obviously not enjoying his walks. Since being on Cucupet K9 for the last month, he has had an amazing turn around. He can’t wait for his walks, and trots along beside me obviously no longer in pain due to his arthritis. He has found his spark again, and is a happy boy again Thank you for your amazing product


We have tried other products to try and avoid surgery on Sophie our Border Collie who is struggling after two courses of steroids to save her life as her blood cells had just about diminished. The steroids worked but they have damaged her soft tissues in the joint's resulting in Sophie not being able to put weight on her left rear leg. We saw an advert on Facebook re K9 Health so we emailed Sam Hunter (the owner) and he immediately sent us a FREE pack of the advertised tablets Curcupet-K9. Sophie being a Border Collie likes to run every day so it was a big ask for the tablets to fix up Sophie after only 2 weeks, well we have seen a small improvement especially as time goes on so l messaged Sam and this man is so special, he has put himself out to help Sophie and he has gone beyond his call of duty and all Sam wants to do is help animals and their owners. We're desperate to try and fix up Sophie and Sam has jumped on her case to try and help her life free of pain by giving us another 4 weeks of tablets at NO CHARGE to us, ie FREE. Sam you're a very caring, kind, special person and we will not forget you for your kind deeds. Thankyou Sam.


Thank you for these tablets They have worked wonders with Thatch they have taken a lot of pain from his back, he is a 15yr old Pommie, since Thatch started taking these tablets 1 a night before going to bed, he gets up of a morning at 6 and starts annoying the shits out of us wanting to go out and do u know what. I have not seen him doing this for approx 6mths. I can reckon mend these tablets Thatch.


Our 16 year old Maltest x Chihuhua had slowed down a lot with arthritis. The vet was giving him twice yearly injections which helped, but I thought I'd try Curcupet as Circumin had helped my arthritic knees. Sure enough the difference was noticeable and he was soon able to run down our hall, and we have stopped getting the injections. It has really benefitted him.


Tried you free offer and they really helped Miley ,she is moving so much more freely. Just ordered a new order


Started my 11 year old Staffy on Curcupet K9 11 days ago. I noticed a distinct improvement in her walking after the first week on the tablets. She is no longer losing balance in her back legs and we are back to doing our regular 2km walk every 2nd day now. We had been doing shorter 1/2 km walks for the past 5 weeks. Porsha is liking this product.